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The Palkhivalas (Yoga)

Three generations of the Palkhivala family conduct yoga classes at our studio – Dhan, her son Jehangir and his daughter Rishaya. From a family of yoga and healing specialists, one can only expect the best! Trained by the Late B.K.S. Iyengar himself, Jehangir Palkhivala adds a calming and gentle touch to his sessions, a trait passed down to his daughter Rishaya.

Diago Perreira (Tanz Verden Ballroom International, Ballroom)

Diago Perreira and Reesha Dhulap share the absolute love for dancing, which lead them to form the Tanz Verden Ballroom International school. Tanz, German for ‘dance’ and Verden which means ‘world’ in Norwegian is an pt name for their institution, which indeed offers a world of dance styles. The name ‘Dance World’ is symbolic of their love for dancing and it being the centre of their world, along with their association with German Ballroom Champion Kay Schneutzer.

Seema Mehta (Chhandam Nritya Bharti, Kathak)

Chhandam Nritya Bharati is one of the world’s leading schools offering only the finest cultural teachings and instruction on the Kathak dance form. Seema Mehta is the Director and leading instructor of this school; a born artist, she graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, with Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) specializing in painting and sculpture. She began her training under renowned Kathak maestro, the Late Pandit Chitresh Das in 2000 and is an expert practitioner and performer of Kathak Yoga - Chitresh Das’s brain-child within the Kathak tradition.

Kamakshi & Vishala Khurana (The Sound Space, Music Therapy for Kids)

Kamakshi and Vishala have both completed their Visharad in Hindustani Classical Music and are graduates in Psychology. Their interest in the harmonious and healing effect of music has resulted in the birth of The Sound Space ™ - an opportunity for children to explore the Indian Classical Music scene. Kamakshi conducts several workshops where she introduces people to sound and its benefits; and Vishala uses her knowledge of relaxation therapy to help both children and adults alike.

Hina Mehta (Music Mantra, Classical Indian Singing)

The talented Hina Mehta earned a Sangeet Visharad degree from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (Chowpatty, Mumbai) and has been performing live music for 20 years, ranging from devotional songs and Ghazals to old Bollywood classics. In 2012 the Cultural Foundation awarded her a trophy for her contribution to this field. Her classes focus on basic voice culture and projection.

Rohit Bhatnagar - Beat Twisters, Bolly-Hop, Hip-Hop

Founder and Director of Beat Twisters, Rohit is an enthusiastic young man with a passion for dance – something he quit his job to pursue. He has a dedicated group of students and his dance troupe has gained popularity in some of SoBo’s best colleges, and also conducted a workshops at the Equal Streets event in April 2015. He also choreographed the Gladrags Mrs. India Show held earlier this year. Apart from Bolly-Hop and Hip-Hop, Rohit’s troupe also conducts Bhangra classes.

Kohl Bellydance Movement - Bellydance, Belly-Fusion

A Mumbai-based Bellydance academy, the girls of the Kohl Bellydance Movement are passionate about this art form – a trait inherited from their star teachers & Egyptian trainers. The fluidity and grace of a bellydancer is something so sensual and sensuous that it can electrify and enrapture the most dispassionate of audiences. Their mantra: “We dance so we are free; we dance so people can see - the art of living, and the craft to just be.”


Founded by Shoma Kaikini, Nrityanidhi isn’t a just a two hour slot in the routine of a dancer’s life; it isn’t an institution which just teaches movement… it isn’t a place that simply creates dancers… it envisions much more as it aims to open up the world of dance on a complete holistic, larger than life level - capturing dance, the dancer, life, nature, beauty, existence, self-discovery... and female individuality.

Riddhi Bengali (Rhythm Dance Academy)


Riddhi is a professionally trained Dancer/Choreographer. She is highly experienced in different forms of Classical, contemporary, hip-hop, Bollywood dance and musical theatre which has widened her career from dancer – teacher – choreographer to “experience creator”. Rhythm Dance Academy is now an established platform through which she spreads her dance experience, and offers a range of classes to both kids and adults.

Sahil Jaffrey


Theatre warm-up exercises and games that instil important life skills to children, these fun activities help them develop important traits that need to be nurtured with a child-like empathy and compassion, along with kindling their creative flames. Sahil began his tryst with drama at the tender age of seven, when the renowned late Pearl Padamsee took him under her wing. He got his first major role on stage in Alyque Padamsee's 'Begum Sumroo' and went on to act in many more plays with directors such as Pt. Satyadev Dubey in 'The Magic Pill' and Fahad Samar's 'Still Single', amongst a host of others. With more than seven years of experience in developing programs at an international school, Sahil Jaffrey is now ready to share a wealth of knowledge and experience to young learners and hopefully impact their lives positively.

Dipika Gurnaney (Art for Kids)

Dipika’s art classes have been a regular at Balance for the last four years. She offers an excellent creative platform for young children and encourages them to explore their artsy side. This light and fun class is something your child will definitely enjoy and look forward to after a school day!

Amey Mehta

Amey is an Actor/ Dancer/Choreographer based in Mumbai and was a senior member of the 'Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company'. He received training from the 'Broadway Dance Centre', New York and has taken part in the 'Impulstanz Dance Festival', Vienna. Amey has worked extensively with children and has choreographed dance recitals for various schools in Mumbai - Cathedral and John Cannon, Aditya Birla World Academy, Podar International, Green Lawns, Oberoi International among others. His contemporary dance workshop at Balance, designed for kids, will focus on technique, style and performance, and promises to bring out the best in them. The level of the class will be challenging and will push the child to the best of their ability.

Shaheen Aggarwal (Speech Matters)

Shaheen Aggarwal has taught the fine art of speaking well, to thousands of children at a leading school in the city. She has developed a unique curriculum that teaches skills for speaking well, through simple rules and easy tools. Shaheen believes that public speaking is a trait that all children learn from the minute they walk into a classroom – it is an inherent ability that should be honed and used as a tool to inspire confidence in young children, and something that they can carry on to the rest of their adult lives.


Yoga – Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with one of our excellent Yoga classes conducted by the Palkhivala family (Dhan, Jehangir and Rishaya). Free consultation sessions for health or wellness related issues are also available by appointment.

Bollywood – Shake off that tension and get grooving to Bollywood’s greatest hits with our Bollywood dance class. It’s the perfect practice for wedding season!

Hip-Hop– This dance form has evolved into a real culture over the last few years. A street dance style performedto Hip-Hop beats, it’s a classic dance form loved by many including the moves popping-n-locking and break-dancing, made popular in 1970s America.

Bolly-Hop – Raise your energies to a new high with the new Bolly-Hop class – a fusion of our beloved Bollywood dance and the western Hip-Hop that never goes out of style! Apart from being one of the most fun classes, it’s also a great workout.

Bellydance – Bellydance helps those who pursue it perceive the intrinsic life-force hidden in our soul; it helps reawaken and rejuvenate that little drop of fire hidden in our gut - in our belly - and what comes alive is something so special and fulfilling, that only a true admirer of the physical, emotional, and spiritual, will be able to gauge it.

Kathak – This disciplined dance form from North India derives its name from the Sanskrit word “katha” meaning story. Through intricate hand and feet movements along with rhythmic chanting, this routine is awe-inspiring. Classes for both kids and adults are open!

Introduction to Indian Music (Kids)- Demystifying Indian music through songs, games and stories. The children are exposed to ragas, raga-based songs, tala and the various forms of Indian music.