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Mindful @ Balance with Dr. Shailendra Chaubey

Holistic wellness and fitness is next to impossible if you don't nourish your body and mind in a balanced and thoughtful way. We at Studio Balance are therefore pleased to introduce our new Mindful @ Balance online column with Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, a well known Ayurvedic practitioner and spiritual healer. Send in your queries to studiobalance1@gmail.com or to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/studiobal and let us guide you to mindful living and healthy eating!

For more information on Dr. Chaubey, visit his blog https://myinnerdimension.wordpress.com/

1) How much water does the body really need per day?

Nature has created the body with innate mechanism for survival and growth. E.g Thirst, Hunger, Fear etc. According to Ayurveda there is no such specific quantity of water fluid that one should have in a day. It is absolutely need based and also differs from individual to individual, Constitution to constitution. It is very important to understand that our digestive system is not just a tube or tunnel, which needs plenty of water to be flushed with. On the contrary over-hydrating oneself may lead to increased cardiac fluid over load and unnecessarily makes your kidney do the extra work to filter your blood. If one can be little more sensitive towards one's body and be alert about its needs then one will always know the 'Right Quantity of Water' you must drink that particular day. Secondly, it is not only water which hydrates d body but all the fluids that you consume. And intake of fluid may be plenty in form of tea, coffee, milk, juicy fruits, soups, dal etc.

2) How can I protect myself from Swine Flu?

All that which can raise your immunity can help prevent swine flu or any infection for that matter. Drink water that is boiled for at least 20 minutes, avoid crowded places, check cold and cough at its very onset, taking tulsi and ginger juice with honey once or twice a day,(1 tablespoon), having turmeric-ginger milk concoction once/twice a day, applying or breathing camphor, menthol, thymol, eucalyptus, peppermint, oils are other ways to protect yourself. Practicing regular pranayam and Cardio and Yogic stretches keeps your body active.

3) Despite working out every day, I am still not losing enough weight. WHY?

There is a difference between regular workout and right workout when it comes to losing weight. For weight loss there are many factors that contribute, amongst them one is following the right diet plan, and working out accordingly. Also if one has been exercising regularly, but the same routine, your body stops burning fat as it gets comfortable with the pattern. So to lose weight it's also important to keep changing the challenges, rotate exercise plans, from cardio to weight training to Yoga stretches.

4) What is "Me Time" and how can I get some?

"ME Time" is not a specific time, but it's a space that you create for yourself. It's your withdrawal from staying occupied with something or other and just arriving back to be in one's own presence. Our mind has become so habituated and obsessed with only 'Doing' all the time, which has taken us far away from 'Just Being'. Me Time is that time when you're not looking towards doing meaningful things, but just enjoying your coffee or a gentle breeze or taking a stroll or sitting idle on your sofa, and can just add so much Meaning to your Being!